Ordered that in consequence of a recommendation from the Continental Congress a Body of Troops not exceeding five hundred men, officers included, be forthwith raised of those called Green Mountain Boys, that they elect all their own officers except Field Officers. . .

That the said troops, when raised, be considered as an Independent Body, their Field Officers taking rank after the Field Officers of the other Troops to be raised by this Colony for the Continental Service. That their Corps of Officers consist of one Lieutenant Colonel, one Major, seven Captains and fourteen lieutenants and that the General be furnished with Blank Warrants to be filled up by him, agreeable to such election as above mentioned.

Die Martis, 9 ho. A.M. 15th Augt.1775

     Welcome to Warner’s Regiment home page. We are a volunteer group of men and women based in Vermont who portray Col. Seth Warner’s Extra Continental Regiment during the northern campaigns of the War for American Independence. Through our participation in historical battle re-enactments, tactical games, experimental archeology, educational presentations, and as the color guard for Hannaford’s Fyfe & Drum Corps., we strive to honor the memory of original members of the Regiment, entertain, and educate the public about the history, military tactics, equipment used between 1775 and 1782 in northern New York and Vermont.

Warner’s Regiment played a noteworthy role in several famous military events: The Green Mountain Boys under Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured Fort Ticonderoga in 1775 where the captured artillery eventually was used to drive the British from Boston. In 1777, the Regiment fought a successful rearguard action at Hubbardton, VT to protect the retreating Northern army, then set the stage in Bennington, VT for Burgoyne’s surrender later at Saratoga, NY in 1777.

     We hope our website serves not only as a source of information about Warner’s Regiment and its role in American history, but also more general historical information about the war which gave birth to our nation. Please dig through the site – there is much here to learn, explore, and enjoy. Then visit our events schedule and come out and see us in person. You don’t have to just learn American history – you can live it!

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